Hearts4Kids is a ministry dedicated to live out the Matthew 25 mandate to serve people in need so they can reach their God-given potential. In partnership with agencies and churches, we radically transform the lives of desperate children and families by living out the gospel along the Texas-Mexico border. 


Our Mission.

Together with volunteers, teams and groups, we will provide the basic needs and safety throughout the Rio Grande Valley – one family and one child at a time – through short-term mission opportunities.

Our Vision.

Hearts4Kids will reflect the heart of Christ, sharing the good news of the gospel through words and action, creating a lasting legacy of transformed lives along the Texas-Mexico border one family and one child at a time.



Our legacy.

Jorge Zapata grew up in the Rio Grande Valley. There, he saw his friends and his friends’ families struggle. As he grew up, so did the region, but one thing never changed – the vast numbers of people trying and failing to make ends meet around him. 

As a pastor and church leader, Zapata was convicted by Scripture that someone must do something. Christ loved children and spent large parts of ministry among the poor. Soon, individuals, churches and organizations were contacting him asking how they could transform lives in the Rio Grande Valley. Hearts4Kids grew out of that gathering of people by God.

Since then, Hearts4Kids has served thousands on both sides of the Rio Grande River, providing practical help and spiritual guidance that changes lives. Each new partner carries forth that legacy as we push forward with the Matthew 25 mandate to serve the poor.